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Are Results from a Breast Lift Permanent?

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Question: Are the results from a breast lift permanent? Answer: Nothing on our body that we are born with or have had altered by cosmetic surgery is “permanent”. Our breast size can change as our weight and hormone levels change during our lives. In addition, many patients who desire a breast lift have poor skin […]

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In Case You Missed the Interview…

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In case you missed it, now you can listen to a recording of Dr Laurie Casas interviewed on The Loop 97.9 FM as part if their “Breast Year Ever” awareness promotion. Click the links below to stream the audio or “right click” to download. Dr Laurie Casas interview – The Loop 97.9 FM “Breast Year […]

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In the Media

Dr. Laurie Casas is quoted as an expert throughout the world, and can be found on television, online, and in national publications such as the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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