1. Mommy makeover” is defined as a cosmetic surgical procedure designed to reverse physical changes in a woman after childbirth.

    In Dr. Casas’s practice, a Mommy Makeover is a term that describes the process that women undergo to restore their pre-pregnancy body shape. It is always customized to address an individual woman’s shape and goal(s).

  2. Restoring your post pregnancy body starts with developing a healthy nutrition and exercise regimen.

    Dr. Laurie Casas can help you understand that it is only when you use a combination of rebuilding your core muscle tone and strength, adopting a healthy nutritional and supplement plan and then possibly considering non-surgical and surgical procedures that can effectively reverse the changes to your breasts and body after pregnancy and lactation.

  3. There are safe and effective non-surgical options for post pregnancy body sculpting, like Coolsculpting, which is an excellent noninvasive sculpting device.

    Many women begin/start their Mommy Makeover journey by sculpting their arms, back, hip areas, outer and inner thighs with Coolsculpting.

    It is a very effective method of treating exercise and diet-resistant fat deposits that appeared following pregnancy.

  4. When a patient has nursed, sometimes their breasts may look deflated or saggy with lost volume or remain larger even after you shed your pregnancy weight. After nursing, breasts may look deflated or saggy due to lost volume; they can also remain larger even after you shed your pregnancy weight.

    Dr. Casas will discuss the typical Mommy Makeover breast procedures like breast reduction or breast lift with or without breast implants, which can be performed to restore your breast size, shape, and firmness.

  5. In a Fox news report, Dr. Casas dispelled the myth that “A Mommy Makeover” = Improved Sex Life. She was quoted saying “I would never tell a patient, ‘Have your breasts enlarged, or have a tummy tuck so you can have a better sex life’.
    However, she adds that if someone confides, ‘Doctor, I feel so bad about my tummy after having three kids to the point where I am embarrassed to have sex with my husband’, she will then mention that a body-contouring procedure may help you feel better about your body in an intimate setting. Dr. Casas shared that post-procedure, “Patients say, ‘I am so proud of my body. And my husband and I have so much more fun.’ ”
  6. Mommy makeover procedures can be done together or individually. Dr. Casas will help you develop your individual plan to restore your body.
  7. Tummy tuck surgery can be safely performed under local anesthesia with oral sedation in Dr. Casas’ procedure room.
  8. Breast lift and breast reduction surgery can be safely performed under local anesthesia with oral sedation in Dr. Casas’ procedure room.
  9. The best way to prepare for a smooth post mommy makeover recovery starts with finding a board certified Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Casas who can work with you to develop a plan to restore your body. Dr. Casas believes it is extremely important to be in your best physical and mental state before undergoing any elective procedures.
  10. The best way to maintain your mommy makeover results is through a healthy diet and exercise plan that helps you maintain your body shape and reduces your stress.

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