Tis the Season for Fat Reduction + Body Contouring

While the Holiday countdown is filled with festive days and nights of delightful cuisine, many are focused on fat reduction for 2014. Salads, fruits and vegetables may help improve your digestive system to lend a more trimmed down appearance for those hot nights on the town. Fiber slows the rate that sugar is absorbed to help regulate glucose levels from pecan pies and gingerbread candy houses. Still, many are choosing a plastic surgical approach for more ambitious, long term goals over this holiday season. So, you may make out your list and check it twice during consultation with Dr. Casas. Learn more!

For Fat Reduction of the Neck and Body

Coolsculpting offers the freezing of fat through a non-surgical, no downtime choice. Transform your body with no surgery!
Smartlipo, or Laser-Liposuction, has 2 laser fibers and wavelengths to remove fat cells and tighten your skin. With this minimally invasive approach, less bleeding and bruising may occur when compared to traditional invasive liposuction. Consequently, a shorter recovery process is typical to fit in more celebrations.

Precision Laser Treatment is minimally invasive; It contours the neck and can reduce a double chin. This procedure can give you a more defined look without a surgical necklift!

Smartlipo Triplex provides for three fibers, long/medium and short with three different wavelengths, to be able to select the right match for fat reduction and result in up to 20% skin tightening in all areas of the neck and body, except the ankles. After a two week recovery process, you may return to normal exercise.
Traditional Liposuction involves the use a cannula inserted under the skin to break up and suction out small deposits of fat on most every area of the body and select areas of the face. Results build over six weeks’ time and offer permanent removal of fat cells. Sweaters can mask the recovery girdle you’ll need to wear and help you feel snug and fit until results are fully evident

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