BotoxThere have always been a number of questions regarding the safety of Botox and possible side-effects. Now with the recent report released by the Journal of Neuroscience on April 2nd, which studied side effects of botulinum toxin (an active ingredient in botox) those questions are escalating. People are asking “Is Botox Safe?” “Will botox go into my brain?” or simply “What are side effects of Botox?” all of these are common questions and deserved to be addressed.

Lets start with a quick briefing on what Botox is. Botox is a neuro toxin that has been in use since the first in clinical trials in the 80’s then used for patients with severe debilitating muscle spasms beginning in the 90’s. Most recently Botox received FDA approval for cosmetic use to reduce wrinkles around the forehead in 2002. There are a great number of patients that have embraced what Botox has done to reduce their signs of aging. For others who seek alternative methods such as this reader I’ve offered pratical everyday advice to help combat wrinkles the natural way. I applaud the European study and await more research that will evaluate whether Botox may have other positive clinical applications.

Be sure to read up on a recent article by Joan Kron, a health reporter for Allure who wrote “Debunking botox on the Brain” which goes into depth and covers questions that surround the Botox procedure.

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