Botox ChicagoIt’s safe to say that trends are shifting and injectable treatments are now “accepted” options for everyday women! The Aesthetic Surgery Education & Research Foundation (ASERF) released results from a recent survey illustrating just that fact.

“In a similar survey issued four years ago, we dispelled the myth that Hollywood and corporate wives were the typical BOTOX® Cosmetic patient,” says ASERF President Laurie Casas, MD, a plastic surgeon practicing in suburban Chicago. “Now, demographic and perception data trends show us that aesthetic injectable treatments have continued to evolve into mainstream and accepted options for the everyday woman.”

Here are some of the survey results:

    • The “typical” BOTOX® (Cosmetic/hyaluronic acid dermal filler) patient is a working, married female between the ages of 40 and 55 with one to three children. Many were primarily health-conscious and charitable volunteering for philanthropic causes and incorporating exercise into their lives. And Nearly half of the respondents reported a household income of under $100K


    • Approximately 7 out of 10 respondents believe that BOTOX® (Cosmetic – 72%, and HA dermal fillers – 65%) are important parts of their aesthetic routine and openly discuss their treatments with others. Patients disclosed their treatment with close friends, immediate family, and spouse. But even beyond that, 43 percent said they’d discuss it with anyone who asked and 28 percent said included coworkers. Only 12% of respondents received criticism, most received support.


    • The motivation for seeking treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic included; looking stressed or angry, a physician recommendation, friend/family member recommendation, a life event (e.g., wedding, reunion), and only very few were motivated by celebrity use.


    • Most respondents (66 percent) said they had two or three BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment sessions per year.


  • Motivation for using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers included; facial wrinkles and folds, physician recommendation, treatment for a life event (e.g., wedding, reunion) and because of friend/family recommendations. Only a small percent said it was due to branded promotions (e.g., sponsored events, advertisements), because they felt they looked unapproachable, or they were motivated by celebrity use.

Brand Breakdown

  • 61% JUVÉDERM® Ultra/Ultra Plus
  • 72% combining Restylane® (59%)/ Perlane® (13%)
  • 6% “other” dermal fillers as well as Evolence®
  • 4% Prevelle™ Silk and Hylaform®
  • 3% Captique™
  • 2% “don’t know”
  • <1% Elevess™

You can download the complete survey results here (Word Document).

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Author: Dr. Laurie A. Casas, – MD, FACS

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