FAQ’s About Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

Breast augmentation offers an enhancement in appearance that has become widely accepted in recent years. The beauty in the results is long lasting. However, there are occasions when breast revision surgery is required. Depending upon the age that you have the procedure, you may need to replace your breast implants at least once in your lifetime. In the meantime, let’s review some of the frequently asked questions about breast augmentation.

What makes breast revision surgery complex?

Breast revision surgery is generally more complex than the original surgery. The degree of complexity depends upon numerous factors that will be reviewed during consultation. Complexity may be due to the incision location or placement location of the original breast implant, an inappropriate initial breast surgery, and the desire to increase breast size as a secondary surgery.

How does incision location affect breast implants?

Incision location affects the secondary surgery in various ways. For example, women who have an incision location under the breast are often candidates for the smoothest transition into a new breast implant. In this case, the original incision may be opened so the new breast implant may be placed. For other incision locations, a new incision may need to be made.

How does placement location affect revision surgery?

Placement location may affect revision surgery leading to greater complexity, depending upon the locality of the placement location. For example, the breast surgeon’s skill in dissecting the breast pocket initially may affect the complexity of the procedure.