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Choosing your Chicago plastic surgeon wisely is important. This is particularly true for breast enhancement and revision breast surgery to avoid the risk of unnecessary re-operation and uncorrectable poor surgical outcomes. In upcoming weeks, we’ll be giving you pointers for selecting the right plastic surgeon for all breast enhancement procedures. Right now, let’s consider breast augmentation and revision breast surgery.

For breast augmentation, the proper selection of breast implants with the aid of the right breast surgeon using the 5-point system will help avoid troubles, including:

• An inappropriate breast implant size that may make your breasts look like a sock, basketball with rippling skin or may result in other deformities.

• If implant sizers are used during surgery, you may be subject to unnecessary drugs, prolonged operation, increased tissue trauma and bacterial contamination. All of which increases risks for infection and capsular contracture.

Your breast dimensions and stretch characteristics must be measured through the objective, scientific processes used by highly skilled breast surgeons prior to surgery. Breast implant placement is another consideration. Select Chicago plastic surgeons have refined their techniques and have a preference for incision location to enhance safety, reduce re-operation or more complex surgery risks, and optimize outcomes. In fact, Dr. Laurie Casas offers less invasive techniques that may be appropriate for certain women interested in increasing breast size.

For breast revision surgery, know that breast revision surgery due to a poor outcome is more complex. There are a limited number of Chicago plastic surgeons that have advanced expertise in revision breast surgery; even less that offer reduced invasiveness and trauma. The following tips are wise to employ when selecting your Chicago plastic surgeon.

  • Ensure that the plastic surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
  • Find out how many times your plastic surgeon has performed the specific revision technique you need or breast augmentation using the specific implants, technology, and incision location that is being proposed.
  • Find out if your plastic surgeon has published any papers or been requested to present lectures to other plastic surgeons for the purpose of educating professional groups on advanced breast augmentation and revision techniques.

Highly accomplished Chicago plastic surgeons also tend to provide the benefits of using the latest technology to assist in surgery. Advanced smaller instruments with better lighting allow for greater precision and less trauma to the treatment area. Add to this, quicker and longer acting anesthetics, the breast procedures may be less risky and less discomforting at select plastic surgeons practices. Learn more about the advantages in selecting Dr. Laurie Casas today.

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Author: Dr. Laurie A. Casas, – MD, FACS

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