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Q. How do I know what breast implants to pick for my breast augmentation?

A. Excellent question!

First, I recommend consulting a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in aesthetic breast surgery. It is essential that you partner with an expert for this procedure as there are many components to an excellent outcome.

8 Tips to Help You Know How to Choose Breast Implants

  1. Choose your plastic surgeon with care and then google him or her. Be sure he or she is board certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS).
  2. Your aesthetic plastic surgeon should be able to present guided options for breast implants after a thorough clinical examination to help you select the best choice for your particular body type, lifestyle and aesthetic goals.
  3. Research the topic and learn as much as you can! The more information you bring to your initial consultation with a plastic surgeon, the better prepared you will be to determine if surgery is right for you.
  4. It is important to understand the differences between saline implants vs. silicone gel implants. Technology has greatly improved and expanded women’s choices over the past few years. Implants are now available in textured silicone with moderate to high profile. Lastly, there are round, smooth saline and silicone implants of different profiles.
  5. During your consultation, you and your plastic surgeon will discuss what look you want to achieve and what your anatomy can support. An experienced plastic surgeon will be able to assess breast tissue, the shape and size of your current breasts and consider those important elements along with your height, weight, chest cavity, shoulder width and hip measurements. The objective is to guide you in picking the optimal implant for you!
  6. Try different styles and sizes of implants on in the doctor’s office in your pre-surgical consult. I advise my patients to also slip on a tight tank top over the bra w/implants and evaluate how they look from various angles and what it feels like so they have an idea before surgery.
    Many patients have me take photos of these different implants and how they look.
  7. Evaluate your reasons and your lifestyle before making your final decision. If you have always been athletic and small-breasted , know that you can continue to safely enjoy sports with implants, but it may take time to adjust to your new look! If you are considering implants due to lost volume after breastfeeding, Dr. Casas will work with you on the best timing and best procedure.
  8. Good aftercare postoperatively is essential to a good outcome; therefore, the timing of the surgery is another important highlight!

Breast Augmentation with implants can be a very positive, life-enhancing experience with the right surgeon and the right care!