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Dr. Laurie A. Casas writes about the different options for facial fillers and looks at the the results of a Sculptra™ treatment and contrasts it with other facial fillers. Sculptra™ was FDA approved in 2004 and we have had very good experiences with this facial fillers. For more information on our Sculptra™ treatments, please click here. For our facial filler treatment page, please click here. We offer a 10/20/30 Sculptra special currently. For more information, please click here.


Is there a difference between Sculptra™ and the other facial fillers on the market? What kind of results can I expect with Sculptra™?


Unlike other “fillers,” Sculptra™ is a dermal stimulator. This means that its effects are due to stimulation of your skin’s natural growth and collagen production. Increased collagen production thickens the skin and fills in areas of the face that have lost volume in the natural process of facial aging. The results of Sculptra™ become apparent as this process takes place; since it relies on your body’s natural production of collagen, the results develop over time. Typically, the results of Sculptra™ can be appreciated over the 3-6 months following injection. In patients whose skin has not been damaged by the sun, wind, or chemicals, response time can be faster. I have also noted a dramatic difference in response time among my patients who regularly apply topical Retin A as a part of their general skin care program.

If you follow a good skin care regimen, your skin should be actively turning over and renewing itself. Collagen is a natural product of your skin, so it will eventually be broken down as a part of this renewal process and reabsorbed. Because of this, the effects of Sculptra™ are not permanent and typically last 2-5 years.

Sculptra™ is a safe and effective way to address the loss of facial volume that occurs with aging. I have found it to be effective in patients of all skin tones and types. In my experience with Scupltra™, injection technique and product placement are the keys to successful treatment.

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Author: Dr. Laurie A. Casas, – MD, FACS

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