How the Face Lift and Neck Lift Work

Face-Neck-LiftFace Lift and Neck Lift Surgery have turned back the hands of time for thousands of women and men. It’s a great time of year for a face lift and neck lift that can help you put your best face forward. So, how does it work? You may ask.

If you are interested in a face lift and neck lift, you can be assured that the goal will be to smooth loose skin on your face and neck, tighten underlying muscle, and remove excess fat through incisions that are hidden as much as possible. If necessary, a turkey waddle appearance on the neck may be improved.

During the procedure, your facial skin will be separated from your underlying tissue and the excess will be trimmed. If more youthful contouring to your face is necessary, your deeper tissues may be repositioned. A small incision under your chin and behind your ears may be made to treat a turkey waddle.

Again, skin and underlying muscle are tightened and small scars are placed in a hidden area.

Following approximately 14 days of recovery, you’ll feel renewed with a new look. The results of the face and neck lift can last for 5-10 years, depending upon bone structure, heredity, lifestyle habits, and your skincare regimen.

Dr. Laurie Casas is highly skilled in surgical techniques to identify the best approach for you and to offer the best possible solution. It is often possible to contour the neck area using Laser- Assisted Precision tm Technology in the office under local anesthesia.

The best part of a face lift neck lift combination is that the procedure can seem to turn back the hands of time.

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