Question: Are teenagers appropriate candidates for cosmetic plastic surgery?

Answer: It truly depends on the individual.

The consultation is an important time for both of us (the teenaged patient and myself) to evaluate if the timing and expectations are a good match. If it is not clear that the patient is emotionally mature, and has reasonable expectations, I do not believe it is appropriate for that teenager to undergo plastic surgery. Cosmetic plastic surgery is a commitment to change and it is essential to know and understand your reasons for wanting to make this change. As physicians, we have an ethical responsibility to help prospective patients make the right decision regarding cosmetic surgery, and sometimes that means postponing surgery until the patient is better able to understand his or her reasons for seeking physical change. Changing one’s physical appearance will have psychological effects, and my goal is for these to be positive and reasonable. It will not change one’s life; it will change the way you perceive yourself and this in turn can help change, or improve your life! If the teenaged patient believes that having larger breasts will guarantee her boyfriend’s interest, it is obviously a red flag. If the teenaged patient cannot identify what she doesn’t like about a particular feature, but just wants it changed because her friends all had a particular surgery, or her mother wants her to have it, or societal pressure to ‘fit in’ to a pre-conceived aesthetic mold…those are all red flags. I prefer to wait until an individual has no ambivalence about a commitment to cosmetic surgery, and is clear about her expectations, as well as what she wishes to change. There are teenagers who are emotionally mature and ready for surgery, but it takes careful screening and assessment.

Dr. Casas looks for several factors when discussing cosmetic surgery with a young patient. Read CNN Health report for more on one teens story & Dr. Casas’ evaluation process!

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Author: Dr. Laurie A. Casas, – MD, FACS

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