Breast Augmentation Advancements

Breast augmentation has long passed the test of time for safety and efficacy. Yet, the plastic surgery community has made technique modifications as well as product improvements to provide beneficial advancements to women interested in breast enhancement with breast implants. Let’s check out what you may not know.

1. Between 1991-2006, women only had saline breast implants available to them unless they required breast reconstruction or they had already had silicone

implants placed. Since 2006, silicone implants have been available to women over 22 for breast augmentation.

Women 18-22 years old can only choose saline implants.

2. There are thousands of silicone breast implants available from three companies to choose from in order to provide options for patients. This also allows Plastic surgeons like Dr. Casas to help you choose the right implant for each breast because patients have variances in breast size, upper breast pole volume, lower breast pole volume, chest width size, and projection. Full recovery from Breast augmentation surgery may be as little as two weeks, due to advancements in technique and technology.

3. Plastic surgeons may use improved instruments to perform the breast augmentation which allows for greater precision during surgery, offering less discomfort following surgery.

4. Breast surgeons may use techniques that reduce the surgical trauma resulting in less discomfort following surgery.

5. Pain medication can be administered before and during surgery to reduce post-operative discomfort. (Casas, LA and Jewell,M Non-narcotic Acute Pain Relief After Ambulatory Aesthetic SurgeryAesthetic Surgery Journal September 2002 22: 493-494,doi:10.1067/maj.2002.128625)

6. Dr. Casas was a clinical investigator in a study that demonstrated that women following breast enhancement with implants most often experience improvements in breast appearance and improvements in their self image.

( David B. Sarwer,, Alison L. Infield, James L. Baker, Laurie A. Casas, Paul M. Glat, Alan H. Gold, Mark L. Jewell, Don LaRossa, Foad Nahai, and V. Leroy Young, Two-Year Results of a Prospective, Multi-Site Investigation of Patient Satisfaction and Psychosocial Status Following Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery Journal May 2008 28: 245-250,doi:10.1016/j.asj.2008.02.003)

7. Dr. Casas is a nationally recognized plastic surgeon who focuses on performing breast augmentation with precision as well as high patient satisfaction rates and low re-operation rates.

(Leo R. McCafferty, Laurie A. Casas,Sandra S. Stinnett,Samuel Lin,Jason Rho, and Margaret Skiles

Multisite Analysis of 177 Consecutive Primary Breast Augmentations: Predictors for Reoperation , Aesthetic Surgery Journal May 2009 29: 213-220,doi:10.1016/j.asj.2009.01.018)

As a highly distinguished leader in the field of breast surgery, Dr. Laurie Casas has been at the forefront of breast enhancement for many years. As a prominent mentor, instructor, researcher and author, she has won the respect of her peers and has been sought after by thousands of women to treat the wide variety of breast imperfections that women seek to improve. In 2005, she was named One of the Top Four Cosmetic Surgeons in The U.S.A. to perform breast augmentation by the New York Times, ranked by her fellow surgeons. She uses the latest surgical and recovery technology to help ensure the best possible results. The goal is safety, effectiveness and outstanding results at the practice of Dr. Casas.

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