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Chicago Plastic Surgery Myth Countdown

In the coming weeks, we’ll be dispelling some of the common Chicago Plastic Surgery Myths. If you have any ideas that you need clarification on, please send us your thoughts. We’ll do our best to dispel your Myths.

Myth I: All Plastic Surgery Procedures Require Hospitalization

Board certified plastic surgeons in Chicago have traditionally performed plastic surgery procedures in hospitals, after obtaining privileges to do so. Select plastic surgery procedures that were not able to be performed in office four to five years ago may be performed in the office today, such as procedures that involve the use of Laser Assisted Technology.

Truth: The Laser Assisted Technology Advantage

For the individual interested in plastic surgery, laser assisted technology may offer several advantages. Many women and men have realized the benefits of this less invasive approach, including:

  • A reduction in the risks of complications;
  • Performed comfortably and safely without general anesthesia;
  • Faster/speedier recovery time.

While plastic surgery procedures may still be performed in a hospital under general anesthesia when necessary, costs for laser assisted procedures are not typically associated with the higher cost for general anesthesia and hospital facility fees. The results are still highly flattering. For detail, view the following examples.

For Fat Reduction of the Face, Neck and Body

Smartlipo offers two laser fibers and wavelengths to remove fat cells and tighten your skin. With this minimally invasive approach, less bleeding and bruising may occur when compared to traditional invasive liposuction. Consequently, a shorter recovery process is typical.

Smartlipo Triplex provides for three fibers, long/medium and short with three different wavelengths, to be able to select the right match for fat reduction and up to 20% skin tightening in all areas of the face and body, except the ankles. After a two week recovery process, you may return to normal exercise with confidence in your new look.

For Cellulite

Smartlipo Triplex with Cellulaze involves the use of the only FDA approved device for cellulite reduction. Whether you are concerned about diminishing cellulite on the arms, chest, abdomen, waist, back hips, buttocks, inner thighs, outer thighs, and/or knees, Cellulaze may be the answer. Your results build over time within 12 months to reveal an impressive outcome! View Before and After Photos!

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