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Plastic surgery may sound appealing during vacation time. Plastic surgery practices outside the U.S. may tout the benefits of discounted cosmetic surgery vacation packages. However, these packages are not necessarily the way to go. Nor is vacationing and plastic surgery necessarily the right mix, regardless of where you go.

First, there are many factors to consider when thinking about plastic surgery outside the U.S., including:

  • Access to the right physician when you need it that may be difficult to accomplish if a complication arises.
  • Safe and effective medical devices and technology may be limited in other countries.
  • High standards in facilities vary in other parts of the world and may not be verifiable.
  • Post -Op Follow Up Care

During recovery in or outside of the U.S., there are instructions you must follow to reduce the risk of complications. These include restrictions that limit your activity level and body positioning, making it unsafe and uncomfortable to sightsee or travel. In recovery, you may be required to refrain from sun bathing, Jacuzzi use, swimming, alcohol use, extensive walking, specific body movements, exercise, sports activities and sex. After plastic surgery, it’s advised to wait before going on a plane or an extensive trip with prolonged sitting. Specifically, this means 7-10 days for facial procedures or 5-7 days for body contouring.

Study results have demonstrated that there is an increased risk for poor scar outcomes, blood clots, unsatisfactory results and potential life threatening complications when traveling outside the U.S. for cosmetic surgery. Secondary surgeries are known to be more complex and most costly. In addition, your hometown plastic surgeon may not be familiar with the medical devices or technique used in your initial procedure. This factor may make it more difficult to treat you.

If you are planning on the vacation and plastic surgery combination, stick to the U.S. Also, ask your plastic surgeon about what your recovery will be like so you can set reasonable expectations.

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Author: Dr. Laurie A. Casas, – MD, FACS

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