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Next up in our education series about skin research is the topic of looking younger and feeling better. As you may know, skin treatments and skin procedures are a big part of our offering at Casas Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. We also invite you to browse all of our Pearls / Blog Posts.

How does the Transformation Line make me look younger?

The Transformation Line features a remarkable patented combination of cytokine technology combining TGF β1 (transforming growth factor) and Thymosin β4. This patented combination maximizes healing and repair and is enhanced in the line with multiple targeted peptides and growth factors. The result is a truly transformational healing and restorative anti-aging product line.

Cytokines, among other actions, act as inter cellular mediators that signal certain cellular interplays necessary for repairing daily damage to the skin, and are integral to maintaining youthful-looking healthy skin. By augmenting our cellular repair functions, the Transformation line literally helps to rebuild damage to reduce or eliminate the appearance of aging and sun damaged skin. The patented combination of cytokines and targeted peptides and growth factors enable this product line to address multiple aspects of daily cellular repair and rejuvenation, making it a cornerstone for many anti-aging regimens.

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