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We continue our education series this week discussing the options of cosmetic skin care and skin procedures. We strongly believe that medical skincare can improve your quality of life, boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. Please visit our informational procedure pages on skin procedures as well as the respective before and after photos and patient testimonials.

Dr. Laurie A. Casas has been recognized as one of the top cosmetic plastic surgeons in the field of skin care. We encourage you to take advantage of our expertise by setting up an appointment (847-657-6884). Dr. Casas will highlight the different options for your specific skin type.

Question: My skincare products no longer seem to be working. What’s up with that?

Answer: Skincare products interact with a living, breathing organ: Your skin! It has to constantly adjust to the season, your diet, your stress level, your age and the temperature. As a result, our skincare needs change and development. I believe in customizing your regimen based on your needs. That means staying connected with a trusted MD or RN for consistent skincare. If you use a Clarisonic Skincare machine for regular exfoliation and avoid extremes in your diet, the rest is easy!

My practice offers something for almost every type of skincare need and issue. The essential components of good skincare are the following: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Hydrate, Rejuvenate and Protect. When my patient tells me something is no longer working, we review her skincare protocol and then make appropriate changes – sometimes it is as simple as exchanging one cleanser for another.

Other times, we step it up and add a Retinol, a hydrator and a serum due to environmental factors or aging issues! There are outstanding products based on science on the market today – I only offer products I believe are effective and which I have personally tested! We welcome and encourage our patients to visit us for complimentary skincare ‘checkups’ on a regular basis!

Please call (847) 657-6884 or (847) 432-1400 for a complimentary consultation and get started today on better skincare!

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Call now for your complimentary consultation.

You may reach us at the Chicago North Shore suburbs of Glenview (847-657-6884).

Dr. Laurie A. Casas and her team will work with you to develop a treatment plan for your cosmetic and aesthetic wishes.

Author: Dr. Laurie A. Casas, – MD, FACS

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