1. Cleanse your skin with a good gentle cleanser.  Here at CAPS, we offer medical grade skincare of Jan Marini. Jan Marini continues to be award winning, innovative, and committed to providing their customers with the best results to improve their skin complexion.
  2. Use a good moisturizing lotion with peptides and growth factor.  We offer Alastin regenerating skin nectar and Jan Marini Regeneration booster along with many other products.  These products hydrate your skin and help your skin produce more healthy collagen and elastin to give you a more rejuvenated look!
  3. Use a daily sunblock to protect your skin.  We offer Jan Marini SPF which also includes an antioxidant!  It is very important to protect your skin from those UV rays to help prevent sun damage and premature aging.
  4. Make an appointment for an IPL laser treatment for pigmented spots (sun damage, age spots and dyschromia) and vessel clearance (telangiectasias). The pulsed light device safely delivers energy to tiny blood vessels and pigmented spots to reduce the appearance of them and thereby improving the look of your skin.
  5. Make an appointment for the 1540 Fractional, non-ablative laser for skin resurfacing and wrinkle reduction.  The 1540 fractional laser helps stimulate collagen production to improve your scars, fine lines and texture to create smoother, heathier and younger looking skin.

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EBLAST: Patients from ages 25-70