It’s Summer and I would love to feel confident in white pants, shorts and swimsuits but I don’t. My thighs and buttock have dimples that I’ve had forever. Nothing has worked! Can you advise?

“I am proud to be one of two Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in the state of Illinois, offering Cellfina, a breakthrough treatment that releases and smooths the dimples of Cellulite,” says Dr. Laurie Casas. Performed under local anesthesia, CellFina is a minimally invasive one-time treatment that is FDA cleared and clinically proven to treat the structural cause of cellulite. “Unfortunately, 87% of women have cellulite, yet to date, this is the first procedure with minimal pain and downtime, that really works! During your Cellfina treatment I release the bands that create the cellulite dimples on your buttock and thighs,” says Dr. Laurie Casas. She adds,”my patients with cellulite have been asking for a treatment that will allow them to feel confident in a bathing suit and clothes, especially white pants. I am thrilled to be able to perform CellFina because it truly smooths the skin that has dimples.” Here’s how it works: Cellulite is caused by connective tissue that is woven throughout fat in thighs and buttocks. The tight bands pull the skin down, resulting in a puckered dimpled look on the surface of the skin (think of a mattress). Just like a rubber band under tension, when Dr. Casas performs Cellfina she will release and snip the bands and the treated skin instantly bounces back and smooths out. “All my patients have some bruising and slight soreness following the procedure which can last 2-6 weeks,” she states, but adds, “in order to minimize bruising, I provide my patients with a pre and post CellFina treatment plan which includes an anti-bruising regimen.

“The key is selecting the right patient for this clinically proven procedure,” says Dr. Laurie Casas. Every prospective patient is evaluated by Dr. Casas to be sure they will benefit from CellFina. “I want to be sure that every patient that has Cellfina is satisfied with their procedure,” says Dr. Laurie Casas. ( On the procedure day, the dimples are marked and circled. Then a local numbing agent is applied (topically) to the area for maximum comfort during the treatment. “My all-female staff is very supportive and always strives to make the experience relaxing and comfortable,” says Dr.Laurie Casas. She adds, “the majority of my patients drive themselves home and do not report unusual discomfort post-procedure.” Dr. Casas requires that every patient is seen in the office, the day after Cellfina, to change the dressing over the tiny skin openings and provide massage therapy to the treated areas to help minimize any swelling. “To date my patients have returned to work the day after their Cellfina procedure,” says Dr. Laurie Casas.” Although Dr. Casas recommends that you avoid vigorous lower body workouts for two weeks, she has found her patients resume normal activity and upper body workouts immediately after their CellFina treatment. “Even though you will start to see results in as little as 3 days, most patients see real results by 2 months,” says Dr. Casas. In a pivotal study, patient satisfaction was about 85 percent at three months, 94 percent at one year and 96 percent at two years. It is easy to understand how this was named a “Beauty Breakthrough” Award Winner 2015 in Allure Magazine!! Dr Laurie Casas stresses that each patient is individually evaluated and given a customized treatment plan. She always address your aesthetic goals and together you will decide which areas you would like to treat. Some patients may have very small areas with indentations, or puckering on 1 or both buttock and thighs; others may elect to have buttocks and thighs treated all at once. The number of ‘releases’ determines the cost of the procedure, so the cost for a CellFina treatment does vary based on the complexity. “I see and treat all my patients as unique individuals and believe that any treatment must be personalized each and every time,” says Dr. Casas. She adds, “not every women with cellulite is a candidate for CellFina.” She feels strongly that the key to patient satisfaction with this breakthrough treatment is a thorough in depth consultation that will help you understand if your cellulite can be treated with Cellfina. During that individualized consultation Dr. Casas will instruct you on ways to try to prevent more cellulite from developing and finally help you meet your goals. Dr. Casas believes in collaborating with her patients to achieve a successful long term result.

Pre-treatment (Cellfina)
Before Cellfina
4 Month post
After Cellfina
MD: Laurie A. Casas, MD
CELLFINA Before Photo, and 4 month Post -treatment


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