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Cellulite removal is a challenge for many. While there is no such thing as permanent cellulite removal, many people have experienced great results from Cellulaze. Cellulaze is a minimally invasive procedure offered by select plastic surgeons to treat cellulite at its core. This procedure uses laser assisted technology which is associated with little or no downtime so you can enjoy the rewards with ease.

It would be no surprise if you’ve seen the tell-tale signs of cellulite on other people. When at the pool or on a lake, it’s easy to identify those who have dimples of fat, the cottage cheese appearance, and/or the orange peel texture that signifies cellulite. You don’t have to be a keen observer to make an impression in your mind of the people you see based on the appearance of their bodies. One look in the mirror can tell you about your imperfections. One visit to a plastic surgeon that performs Cellulaze may allow you to reclaim what was once yours to give you smoother looking skin.

The best part about Cellulaze is that the procedure involves laser assisted technology. Laser assisted technology allows for your plastic surgeon to make incisions that are about the size of a pen tip, offering a far less invasive approach when compared to invasive procedures. Thus, the procedure is associated with less risk and a speedy recovery process. The procedure is also less costly in terms of anesthetic fees and facility fees. In fact, many procedures may now be performed safely in a plastic surgeon’s office with the new, breakthrough laser-assisted technology.

How Cellulaze Works

Your plastic surgeon makes incisions to allow for the Cellulaze laser fiber to be threaded through a very small tube into the incision site. Then, the SideLaze3D Cellulaze laser fiber can smooth out fat bulges and treat dimples by releasing the fibrous bands that pull down on the skin. The laser also stimulates collagen production to increase the skin’s elasticity for a firmer, smoother appearance. Cellulaze is the only cosmetic device that directly treats the physiological structure of cellulite, providing clinically proven results.

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