Cosmetic Breast Reduction GlenviewQuestion: I would love to know if there is any type of surgery that can reduce the size of my breasts without submitting to a full breast reduction! I am not considered a candidate by my Insurance Company for the Breast Reduction surgery but it is something that has been an issue for me personally. As an athlete, I am constantly binding them down (wear 2 heavy sport bras!) and would love to go down 1 size. I am medium build.

Answer: Depending on the density of your breasts (which may be evaluated during a consultation) you may be a perfect candidate for Liposuction of the Breasts. This is a typically outpatient procedure that has a much easier recovery time and generally less scarring as well. I perform cosmetic Breast Reduction (both traditional and Liposuction of the Breasts) and both surgeries usually offer the patient several benefits in addition to a physically desired outcome; the decrease in breast volume can help ease back strain and increase comfort level for athletes! Unfortunately, most insurance companies generally require evidence of medical dysfunction in order to cover this surgery but it can be well worth proceeding on one’s own when and if one is ready!

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